Media Coverage

Paul’s analysis and commentary are often cited in business media on the topics of new media, Internet services, business strategy, marketing, business development, and the strategies and performance of foreign companies in Asia / Japan. Paul welcomes media inquiries as well as invitations to speak at industry events.

In October, 2007, for his “Interactive Japan” program on iTV Japan, Paul interviewed Kei Shibata, Founder, President, and CEO of Venture Republic Inc. Venture Republic operates a portfolio of Japanese consumer-oriented Web sites, including comparison shopping site, and travel site (Link coming soon)

On October 5th, 2007, Paul was a panel member for “Change Management in Global Organizations: The Case of Japan”, “an interactive discussion focusing on innovative ways for foreign companies to implement change within Japan’s tradition-bound business culture”. This event was organized by Temple University Japan, and held at the Tokyo American Club.

In the September / October, 2007 issue of J@pan Inc Magazine, Paul is quoted extensively in the article, “Failed Businesses in Japan”. The article looks at why some foreign companies succeed in Japan, while many others fail miserably.

In July, 2007, for his “Interactive Japan” program on iTV Japan, Paul interviewed Neeraj Jhanji, CEO of ImaHima, Inc., an interactive media company with strengths in developing, marketing, and managing products for IP based platforms. (Link coming soon)

In June, 2007, for his “Interactive Japan” program on iTV Japan, Paul interviewed Elo Kent, CEO of GPlusMedia Inc., a company specializing in creating and managing online media products for Asia.

In November, 2006, for his “Interactive Japan” program on iTV Japan, Paul interviewed David Case, an attorney with the law firm of White & Case LLP (Japan), who specializes in intellectual property, consumer issues, and privacy law.

In October, 2006, Paul debuted as host of the “Interactive Japan” program on iTV Japan. Paul interviewed Mark Ferris, co-founder and director of the Building2 group of companies.

In April, 2006, Paul was interviewed by iTV Japan for their “Japan Technology Report” program.

In February, 2006, Paul gave a sold-out presentation on "Online Behavioral Marketing And Web Personalization: Improving The Internet Experience For Consumers, Advertisers, And Publishers", sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan Direct Marketing Committee.

In April, 2005, Paul’s successful start-up of Claria Corporation’s online behavioral marketing business in Japan was featured as a “Success Story” in Success Stories Japan.

In April, 2004, Paul was quoted in Marketing & Media Europe, in an article on the use of celebrity endorsers in Japan, entitled “Star attraction”.

In April, 2004, Paul was quoted in the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan Journal in an article on the use of celebrity endorsers in Japan, entitled “Celebrity Goldminers” .

In April, 2004, Paul was quoted in J@pan Inc Magazine, in the article, “The Brand is Dead, Long Live the Brand”. In September, 2001, Paul was quoted in a J@pan Inc. magazine article on a vertical portal venture. In September, 2000, Paul was one of four industry panelists to speak at "Globalizing E-Business", a Thunderbird Global Business Forum event in Tokyo attended by 180 business executives. Paul's presentation at this forum, "Building Successful Internet Brands in Japan", was widely praised and distributed among venture companies and major corporations. (Event program)

In August, 2000, J@pan Inc. magazine asked Paul to provide his strategic analysis of the then just-announced AOL-DoCoMo strategic alliance. The resulting interview, entitled "You've Got DoCoMo!", appeared in J@pan Inc. online.

In January, 2000, Paul was one of six foreign Internet entrepreneurs featured in the J@pan Inc. article, "E-Ninja Storm the Japanese Citadel".

During the Internet World exhibition in Japan in December, 1999, Paul was interviewed by TV Corporation of Singapore as a representative of Internet venture companies ("Bit Valley") in Japan. This interview was broadcast several times on Singapore TV and the Web, and excerpts appeared in the December 15th, 1999 edition of Channel NewsAsia.

The Web sites Paul has created have received positive reviews in more than a dozen media publications in Japan, including ISIZE Achara, Aera Internet Supplement, ASCII Web Guide, Business Week, Como, Nikkei PC Beginners, Nikkei Woman, Xaboon Web Guide 4444, Yahoo! Internet Guide, Yomiuri PC, Shuukan ASCII, and Internet Dekiyasu Yellow Page. One of Paul’s sites was awarded “Best Shopping Site” in Japan by Lycos.

Paul was responsible for the creation of the “Mr. Contac” brand character, which has become a famous Japanese icon. The TV campaign created under Paul’s management won the prestigious All Japan Radio & Television Commercial Council advertising award several times. This award-winning TV campaign has been running continuously since 1996. POP displays featuring “Mr. Contac” earned a POPAI award. Click here to see the Mr. Contac home page.

General Manager’s message from Paul in the Smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare (Japan) products catalogue from September, 1996. Paul was interviewed about the Japanese health care market for an article, "Silver Medical Market Arising", in The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan Journal, May 1994.

Paul was profiled in the April 12th, 1992 edition of Tokyo Kouri Shouhou (a Japanese Health & Beauty products industry magazine). Paul was profiled in an interview in the April 11th, 1992 edition of the Yuukan Fuji (Fuji Evening News) newspaper.

Paul was featured in a Brooks Brothers print advertisement in the prestigious "President" magazine, in November 1991 and February 1992.