Tech Ventures

Paul has worked on strategic investments, M&A transactions, and venture finance for both global corporations and venture companies for more than twenty years. Transactions that have been initiated by Paul or on which he has made significant contributions have an aggregate value of more than US $500 million.

Our Focus

Our focus is on matching high-quality, early growth stage venture companies with strategic corporate partner-investors. We work with companies involved in digital media, interactive advertising, Internet services, and related areas.

Investor Companies

The companies we bring in as investors have businesses and technological capabilities that are complementary to those of the venture companies we work with. The investors we work with can help venture companies not only with financial investment, but also with business and technology know-how, partnering on business opportunities, sharing of suppliers and customers, helping ventures with international expansion, etc. The corporate investors we work with are interested in helping high-quality, early growth stage ventures to fulfill their potential.

Venture Companies

We can possibly help venture companies get strategic investment from corporate investors if the venture company meets the following criteria:

  • is already operational
  • already has revenues
  • has proven, scalable technology and business model
  • has unique technology and/or some other competitive advantage, such as excellent metrics, many registered users, many page views, etc.
  • (in most cases) has already had some startup investment by the founder, angel investors, or family and friends

We work closely with venture companies, helping them with critical steps through the entire investment process, including the following:

  • Confirm Objectives: Review with the venture company their priority objectives, considering the relative importance of: amount of investment capital to be raised, valuation, technology sharing, commitment / experience of investor company in Chinese market, potential for geographic expansion, name value of investor company, venture investment track record of investing company, etc.
  • Valuation and Equity Goals: Work with the venture to determine valuation and equity transaction goals that are good for the venture and reasonable for potential investors based upon comparable transactions, private and public market valuations, etc.
  • Presentation Development: Work with the venture to develop a presentation for prospective investors.
  • Develop List of Potential Investors: We develop a list of the best potential investor companies based upon the venture company’s objectives, and ask the venture company’s approval for us to approach the companies.
  • Initial Approach to Potential Investors: We approach the potential investors that the venture company has authorized us to approach.
  • Meetings and Information Exchange: If sufficient interest exists, meetings are held and information is exchanged, with appropriate confidentiality agreements in place.
  • Negotiation / Deal Terms and Structure / Agreements: We work with the venture company on negotiation, deal terms, deal structure, and necessary agreements.
  • Due Diligence: We help prepare venture companies for the due diligence to be performed by potential investor companies.

Venture Companies: Please contact us if you are a venture company in digital media, interactive advertising, Internet services, marketing or advertising services, or related areas, meeting the criteria listed above, and interested in having us help you procure investment from a top-tier corporate strategic investor.

Strategic Investors: Please contact us if you represent a company interested in strategic investment in high-quality venture companies in the high-growth Asia-Pacific markets.